All about shopping


Description of this e-shop:

Our e-shop will work a little differently than you might know from other e-shops.

Basically, we are opposed to the goods placed the note "STOCK" when it is not in stock. This way we abhorrent and is considered misleading consumers. Thus, we opted for the following model:

  • If we note with goods "STOCK", the product is really made of.
  • The second variant is "Delivery time: 48 hours" This means that the product is 100% made in 48 hours and then sent to you. Because there are no middlemen, but we are directly manufacturers of goods in our e-shop, so this term production we can afford.
  • The last variant is "Delivery time: 2 weeks". This option will be shown in more elaborate products as double colouring, molding or decorating.

With this model, we were able to give you, our customers, individual products and can compile a specific product as they like directly to you. You can choose the color of the product, the color threads, belt termination and in the future will be followed by further options.

We believe that this option will "make a product tailored" you will enjoy and thus, at least from a distance, to participate in the production of your original product.

Orders are accepted:

  • directly from e-shop inserting goods into shopping cart

For any questions about products, use the following contacts:

Prices and discounts:

  • The main price is per piece / pack.​
  • For goods listed price without VAT and the price incl. VAT. Other prices (transport, payment, ...) are always displayed incl. VAT and are final.
  • When taking a larger amount of the discount for the whole set individually by appointment.​

Delivery time:

  • If the goods are in stock, we shipped the next working day after crediting their accounts.
  • Goods that are not in stock operative immediately produce, therefore, within two days of crediting their accounts usually shipped to you. The deadline for submitting goods that are not in stock you will be notified by e-mail or telephone following the making of the order.

On every product will be stamped with the manufacturer's signature:

You can be sure that it comes from our workshop and is manufactured with the greatest care we devote to each product.

Protection of personal data

Our company is registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection under No. 62203. shop operator undertakes to provide your personal data in any form to third parties except the consignor. Your personal information will be protected according to the law strictly and only used when communicating with you. Those data we collect to inform you of new products and services and improve our services. Processing and disposal of personal information is in accordance with law no. 101/2000 Sb. the protection of personal data in country of Czech republic.

The change of personal data erasure can be requested in person, by telephone or email.