my name is Lukas Kucera and I custom manufacture of LEATHER GOODS (bags, belts, bushings, mailboxes, wallets, business card holders, mouse pads, etc.).

In this own e-shop we will offer some products from our workshop.

 My wife will take care of you during the order, and I'll produce you leather goods with care.

All products are produced by myself, with my own hands. I have no employees. I believe that this is only way I can guarantee high quality of products..

Production is focused on traditional methods and components (leather, etc.) that I use are the highest quality.

The natural resources that I use for production, it may happen that the hue you see in the picture of product may be slightly different from the actual product.

If you are frustrated with poor quality commercial products from stores, try a product from my workshop. You will see that  it will last many, many years.

I promise it's true.

I believe that producing quality leather good is my way.